The Ethical Business: Business Practices For Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with Dr. James Wadley (Streaming Live) August 28, 2022

The Ethical Business: Business Practices For Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with Dr. James Wadley (Streaming Live) August 28, 2022

Date :

Streaming Live August 28, 2022

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET

These 2-hour group consults are interactive and dynamic, and will appeal to those in the sexuality fields who have their own businesses, to AASECT* Supervisors, Supervisors in Training, Administrators of programs, and those who have or wish to have leadership roles in the fields of sexuality education, clinical sexology, sexuality counseling, sex therapy, or related fields.

Participants will learn how to create and develop their businesses and become professional leaders in their respective communities with real-time consultation groups.

This program provides participants with a range of skills and exciting ideas for creating and developing their businesses, including executive consulting skills, engagement, and branding, systemic thinking, executive coaching, and ethical leadership.

What makes an ethical business? This group will help you to identify your own leadership style and its ethical impact on your clients and communities. Too often in the field of human services, leaders make decisions that are not in alignment with the best interests of the populations they serve. When this happens, individuals, families, and communities are harmed due to unethical practices and policies of providers. This group will help you to consider multiple oppressive systems and identities and those who have been unheard or invisible so that you can be your best in the field. The group consult portion involves the application of ethical and legal standards to your specific

Learning Objectives 
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical standards of AASECT and related professions and their implications for programming and service delivery.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of broader ethical principles underlying ethics codes so that practitioners can make responsible ethical decisions about complex ethical issues.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of research findings on ethical behavior of counselors and other mental health professionals.

This program is led by  Dr. James Wadley, PhD, MA, CSES, NCC, CSTS , an internationally recognized leader in the field of human sexuality. Please see Dr. Wadley’s full credentials on his ISEE Faculty page. In addition to being a brilliant and highly esteemed leader in the field, James is accessible, funny, full of stories and experiences, and fascinating--an instructor not to be missed.

This program meets the requirements for the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for 2 CE credits. These CE credits may be applied toward AASECT Certification and renewal of certification. Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment, Provider #11-113-C. Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT Certification. For further information please contact