Sex & Tech Competency Certificate

Sex & Tech Competency Certificate


A Competency Certificate is a small- to medium-sized collection of webinars that lead the learner through a particular path of study with the goal of gaining expertise in a particular subject.

Sex & Tech. This competency certificate gives the learner an overview of often-used technologies; discusses internet use and the challenges this can create as well as the benefits; and confronts the problem of poorly diagnosed and poorly treated compulsive sexual behaviors. Courses Include

  1. Intersections of Sex & Technology: Technology is revolutionizing the world of sex and relationships—or is it? This webinar series seeks to answer this question by exploring the impacts of pornography, sexting, dating & hookup apps.
  2. More Tech, More Talking: Evolving Technology & Fidelity Agreements: As technology advances to greater and greater complexity, it isn’t just “porn” any more. Interactive sex toys now allow users to stimulate each other from thousands of miles away. Hyper-realistic 3D VR pornography offers an extremely immersive experience. While this brings new excitement, it also has the potential to spark arguments and conflict over what constitutes fidelity.
  3. The Myth of Sex Addiction: A Conversation with David Ley. Why does the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists disapprove of treatment for “sex addiction”? David Ley, author of The Myth of Sex Addiction discusses the serious problems with putting all compulsive sexual behavior into an ineffective pseudo-diagnostic box.

5.5 AASECT CEs  $120