Lifespan Sexual Development Competency Certificate

Lifespan Sexual Development Competency Certificate


A Competency Certificate is a small- to medium-sized collection of webinars that lead the learner through a particular path of study with the goal of gaining expertise in a particular subject.

Lifespan Sexual Development. What is “normal”? Is that even an important concept? This competency certificate takes the learner through the human lifespan from cradle to old age, discussing our sexual development as part of human development via a biopsychosocial perspective.

  1. Child and Adolescent Sexual Development: Human sexual development reflects other aspects of development, and should not be ignored or trivialized with children and adolescents. Kids will say and ask the darndest things…how do we respond in an age-appropriate, sex-positive manner? This webinar discusses sexual development from birth through adolescence, offers research that explodes myths in our culture, and outlines characteristics of sex-positive parenting.

  2. Twenty-Something to 50: Adult Sexual Development. We often think about sexual development in terms of childhood and adolescence, but what does dating in our 20’s and 30’s look like today, and how does it impact our sexual development? How does parenthood impact our sexual selves and relationships? This webinar explores the common physical, mental, and social events experienced in young adulthood through middle age and their impacts on sexual health, pleasure, and relationships. Significant time is spent discussing various strategies to address the unique sexual needs of millennials, xillenials, and Gen Xers.

  3. Silver Sex: Treasures in Sex & Aging: Here we explore social attitudes toward aging and sex, with an emphasis on giving participants an opportunity to create their own dynamic mindsets of what constitutes vital sexual experience for themselves, their loved ones, and clients. Participants will uncover surprising and attractive qualities and opportunities frequently found in the sex lives of aging people. Finally, significant time will be devoted to steps to help optimize late-life sexual health, experience, and fulfillment

7.5 AASECT CEs  $169